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TI 89 Calculus: Basic Functions in Simple Steps

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TI 89 Calculus Contents (Basic Features):

  1. How to Graph a Function
  2. Intersection and Trace on the TI-89
  3. Find Limits on the TI 89
  4. Magnify Graphs With the TI-89 ZoomBox feature
  5. Create a Table of Function Values on the TI-89
  6. Error Codes

TI 89 Calculus: Asymptotes

  1. How to Find Horizontal Asymptotes on the TI-89
  2. How to Find Oblique Asymptotes on the TI-89
  3. How to Find Vertical Asymptotes on the TI-89

TI 89 Calculus: Other Advanced Topics

  1. Piecewise Functions TI 89 “when(” Command
  2. How to Find Roots/Zeros of a Function on the TI-89

TI 89 Calculus: Magnify Graphs With the TI-89 ZoomBox feature

The TI-89 guesses at what portion of the graph you want to see. Usually, you’ll have to tweak the viewing window to get a useful result. The TI-89 has several features to change the viewing window, including ZoomIn, Zoomout and ZoomStd — which displays the “standard” window from -10 to 10. ZoomBox allows you to box in a certain area of the graph and then zoom in on that portion.
Sample problem: Magnify the graph of the following function using ZoomBox feature:f(x) = 10 sin(x)

Step 1: Press HOME.

Step 2: Press the DIAMOND key and then F1 to enter the y=editor.

Step 3: Type the function into the in the “y1 =” slot of the y=editor. To enter the function, press ENTER to move down to the input line and then press 10 2ND Y x ).

Step 4: Press ENTER.

Step 5: Press the DIAMOND key and then F3 to view the graph of the function. If you can’t see the graph on your screen, set your window to display the graph. For this particular graph, you’ll be able to see the graph with the ZoomStd feature; Press F2 and then press 6.

Step 6: Press F2 and then 1 to access the ZoomBox feature.

Step 7: Select the first corner of the box by pressing the arrow keys. Press ENTER.

ti 89 calculus

Step 8: Select the second corner of the box. Press ENTER.

That’s it! You’re done!

Stephanie Glen. "TI 89 Calculus: Basic Functions in Simple Steps" From Calculus for the rest of us!

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