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Stirling Series

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The “classical” Stirling series is defined as (Dominic, 2008):
classical stirling series

Where the numbers Bk are the Bernoulli numbers.

The series was formulated by the French mathematician Abraham DeMoivre (1667-1994), based on work by Scottish mathematician James Stirling (1692-1770). Stirling wrote the series with powers of 1/(n + ½) (Gellinas, 2017).

Different Definitions for The Stirling Series

The Stirling series can be defined in several closely related ways. For example, as the asymptotic series for the gamma function:

n! = γ(n + 1) = ∫ x2 e-x dx (x: 0 → ∞).

Alternatively it can be defined as the asymptotic expansion of the factorial function n! (Angelis, 2009):
stirling series

The series is sometimes defined as an asymptotic expansion of Stirling’s formula, a good approximation for factorials:

log(n!) = n log n −n + ½ log(n) + log √ (2 π) + εn,

Where εn → 0 as n → ∞. It replaces epsilon(ε) with powers of 1/n (Conrad, 2020).

Stirling’s series can also be defined as the following divergent series (Impens, 2003)
stirling divergent

Where A, B, C… are positive constants.


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