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Modular Function

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A modular function is a meromorphic function on ℍ (the set of quaternions, upper half-plane) which is meromorphic at the cusps, or infinity.

The elliptic lambda is the fundamental modular function, taking values 0, 1, and infinity on the cusps.

The term “modular” comes from the moduli space of complex curves (a.k.a. Riemann surfaces) of genus 1 (Zagier, 1991).

modular function example

One example of a modular function of weight 0.

An example of a modular function is the j-invariant. In fact, every modular function is a rational function of the j-invariant (Snowden, 2020).

Formal Definition of a Modular Function

A modular function can be defined in several ways. One way is to view these as complex-valued functions on ℍ which are (Zagler, 1991):

  • Invariant under the action τ ↦ (aτ + b)/(cτ + d) of Γ1 on ℍ,
  • Holomorphic on ℍ,
  • Satisfy suitable growth conditions at infinity.

A modular function can also be defined as one with the following properties:

  1. f(μ(z)) = f(z) for all μ in the modular group Γ.
  2. f has a Fourier expansion of the form
    modular function


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