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Meijer G-function: Simple Definition

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The Meijer G-Function is a very general family of functions, usually defined by the following complex line integral:
meijer g function

Where Γ = the gamma function.

Each G-function is a linear combination of special functions. These include as special cases:

In fact, most special functions and products of special functions are either G-functions or can be represented by products of G-functions with elementary functions.

The G-function can also be extended to reproduce a wide variety of smooth functions, including exponential functions, trigonometric functions and many others.

Uses for the Meijer G-function

The Meijer G-function has greater flexibility for choices of parameters in comparison to other special functions, which makes it a popular choice for finding solutions to a wide variety of problems. In addition, some problematic integrals—which could previously only be represented numerically—can be evaluated in closed form with use of the G-function.

The Meijer G-Function has many practical applications to many areas, where the function can represent solutions for a wide variety of problems. Fields that use the Meijer G-function extensively include:

  • Generalized birth and death processes,
  • Mathematical physics (hydrodynamics, potential theory, theory of elasticity etc.),
  • Mathematical statistics,
  • Optimization theory,
  • Queuing theory,
  • Sinusoidal signals,
  • Theoretical physics,


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