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Locally Integrable Function: Simple Definition, Examples

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heaviside function graph

The heaviside function isn’t integrable as a whole, but it is locally integrable.

A locally integrable function (or locally summable function) has a value for a portion or “slice” of the function, even if the integral is undefined as a whole. For example, the Heaviside function pictured above can’t be integrated as a whole, but it can be integrated in smaller localities.

Implications of Local Integrability

The condition of being a locally integrable function implies that the function’s indefinite integral is locally absolutely continuous, but while all continuous functions are locally integrable (Al-Omari, 2014), the converse isn’t true: a locally integrable function isn’t necessarily continuous (although in many cases they are).

In addition, the absolute value of a locally integrable function is locally integrable (Debnath & Mikusinski, 2005). However, just because a function is locally integrable doesn’t mean that the derivative there is also locally integrable (Park & Regensburger, 2011).

Formal Definition of Locally Integrable Function

More formally, a locally integrable function is defined as a bounded function (i.e. a function with and interval consisting of an upper bound or lower bound), rather than having infinite bounds (i.e. bounds of -∞, ∞). This can be written as follows:

“A Locally integrable function is a function f defined on ℝ such that for any compact interval [a, b], the integral locally integrable functionexists” ~ David Hilbert.


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