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Laguerre Differential Equation & Polynomials

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Laguerre Differential Equation: Definition

The Laguerre differential equation (sometimes just called the Laguerre equation) has the format (Dettman, 1986):

xy′′ + (1 – x)y′ + λy = 0

Where λ is a real number (n or k are sometimes used as notation instead of λ).

This ordinary differential equation is usually only of interest when λ is an integer and the interval is x ≥ 0 (Tenenbaum & Pollard, 1985, p.624). It has multiple applications in the study of optics and harmonic oscillators in quantum mechanics; The wave function for the hydrogen atom is the Laguerre differential equation.

In standard form, the equation becomes (Konstantogiannis, 2018):
laguerre equation standard form

There is a regular singular point at x = 0 and an irregular singularity at ∞.

The equation and associated polynomials are named after Edmond Laguerre (1834-1866).

Laguerre Polynomials

The solutions to the Laguerre differential equation are the Laguerre polynomials (Glasgow, 2014). They can be expressed as a series (Joseph, 2019):
solution to laguerre equation

Or, alternatively by Rodrigue’s formula (Mahmoudi et al., 2012):
rodrigues formula 2

They can also be defined recursively by:

For example, the next few Laguerre polynomials are:

  • l2 = ½ (x2 – 4x + 2),
  • l3 = (1/6) (-x3 + 9x2 – 18x + 6).
  • l4 = (1/24) (x4 – 16x3 + 72x2 – 96x + 24).
  • l5 = (1/120) (-x5 + 25x4 – 200x3 + 600x2 – 600x + 120).
  • l6 = (1/720) (x6 – 36x5 + 450x4 – 2400x3 + 5400x2 – 4320x + 720).
laguerre polynomials

Plot of the first three Laguerre polynomials,


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