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Incomplete Beta Function / Integral

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The incomplete beta function (also called the Euler Integral) is a generalized beta function; An independent integral (with integral bounds from 0 to x) replaces the definite integral. The formula is:
incomplete beta function formula


  • 0 ≤ x ≤ 1,
  • a, b > 0. Note: The definition is sometimes written to include negative integers (e.g. Özçag et al., 2008) but this isn’t commonplace.

B1(p, q) is the (complete) beta function; in other words, the function becomes complete as x = 1. The incomplete gamma function can also be expressed in terms of the beta function or three complete gamma functions (DiDonato & Jarnagin, 1972).
beta function expressed as

Incomplete Beta-Function Ratio

The ratio of
incomplete beta function formula

beta function expressed as

is called the incomplete beta function ratio. Represented by the symbol Ix, it is written as:
Ix (a, b) ≡ Bx(a, b) / B1(a, b).
Where a > 0, b > 0 (DiDonato & Jarnagin, n.d.).

Incomplete Beta Function Uses

The incomplete beta function and Ix crop up in various scientific applications, including atomic physics, fluid dynamics, lattice theory (the study of lattices) and transmission theory (DiDonato & Morris, 1988):


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