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H Function (Fox’s H-Function)

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The H function (sometimes called Fox’s H function) is a very generally defined special function. It is more general than Meijer’s G-function and is rarely used outside of several references in the literature.

The formal definition (Khan & Pandey, 2017), represented via a Mellin-Barnes type of contour integral is:
fox h function

Where 0 ≤ m & le; q, 0 ≤ n ≤ p, αj, Βj > 0 and αj, bj are complex numbers, so that poles Γ(bj – Βjs) for j = 1, 2, … m coincide with poles Γ (1 – αj + αjs) for j = 1, 2, … n.

Fox’s H function has some relatively obscure and highly specialized applications, including fractional diffusion (Mainardi, 2005), Mellin transforms and stochastic modeling of wireless communications in a fading environment (Mukasa, 2017). In calculus, it’s occasionally seen in fractional calculus, and is sometimes substituted for the Meijer G function as a better fit for certain pole structures in contours.

Other H Functions

Fox’s H function shouldn’t be confused with an array of “H functions” in computing, including the fast-growing function developed by Chris Bird, the first few values of which can be found here. In R, there is also a (no relation) H function which “calculates the alpha, beta, and gamma ‘standard diversity indices'” (Charney, 2020_.


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